Telka van Dodewaard

Telka van Dodewaard (Maastricht 1977, lives and works in Aruba and Amsterdam) graduated from the art academy Maastricht in 1999. Directly after this, she started a masters degree at the Rietveld Academie, the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, graduating in 2002.
One could call Telka’s work strongly narrative. Constantly she displays a, although unwritten, story and lets the viewer give his own interpretation to this. Returning themes in her work are the vulnerability of a human being and the inherent decay through time and of life. Besides that she regularly tries to bring the viewer in a state of doubt with her work.

Besides the earlier mentioned themes, her recent work is strongly autobiographic. This is also visible in the installation: 'Protectors of my fears' from 2011. She shows the viewer the impact of her own fears. Which these fears are is left in the middle, but the frequency and scope of them is well visible.
The material used is often soft and vulnerable. The way of hanging them is full of care and deliberate. Each object tries to make contact with the other, shows the impotence thereto because they each dangle adrift on their own small line. The title of the work, through the appearance of the work, leads to despair about the expectation and intention of the artist.

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